Our Specialities

Well Established Infrastructure

The Kapish Group of Companies has a well-designed infrastructure to showcase our products to the customers in a unique style. It is commonly said that "the first impression is the last impression" and this is what we believe in. The overall setting is quite appealing and the very first sight of the showroom will grab your attention. The customers can easily browse through the collection in a comfortable manner thus ensuring the best decision coming their way.

Cutting Edge Technology

One would ask, “What is the relevance of technology in jewellery industry”?

Jewellery designing is an art and an extremely difficult and time consuming skill to master. It is an artisan’s creativity to keep up with continuously changing trends & designs. It is in complete contrast to handmade or traditional jewellery made in the past. However technology also plays as critical role in today’s jewellery industry as the skills of a talented artisan. Both skills and technology require an understanding of properties of gold. With ever changing trends, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hand make all the jewellery and to keep pace with the changing trends and designs. At Kapish Jewels, you will always get to choose from a vast range of jewellery with a mix of skills and technology since we use latest technology to bring to you designs which are not only unique but top of the line technology is being used to craft them especially for you.

Creative Designers

The team of designers in our companies is not just experienced or knowledgeable but innovative enough to keep up with the current Jewellery trends so as to fulfill the needs of every customer. The designers even guide on the selection by making you familiar with the different kinds of Jewellery, purity, Jewellery features and other aspects. So after grabbing the complete information you are able to make the best decision.

Advanced Tools

The Group smartly embraces the new technology and tools that not only enhance work quality but improve the speed of the work. This ensures quicker delivery of the products which is definitely the first priority. In this way, we are able to assist the customers and deliver the orders on time.

Research and Development Team

The R & D Team of Kapish Group of Companies is highly experienced and has been into this field for decades; therefore, their assistance is surely a big asset for the group. Their guidance not only makes a difference to the entire group but proves beneficial in taking it to the next level.

With Kapish group of Companies you can look forward to a strong bond as each client is valuable and we want to have a long-lasting relationship with them.


You will find traditional as well as contemporary designs in our wide array of jewellery. All the li’l girls have the love for all things sparkly and it only grows as they get older and soon, the heavy gold rings sit light on their fingers. Every style of jewellery still has its impact. Be it the temple jewellery having dominance in South India which was crafted solely with the purpose of adoring the idols in the earlier centuries or the shiny rubies and emeralds which are set in these pieces in attractive patterns that catch the eye.

Or be it the clusters of pearls completing the pieces inspired by nature and the various religious symbols with varieties of earrings, armlets, brooches and head-pieces which were crafted in centuries-old style. Or one of the oldest and most labour-intensive forms of jewellery found in certain regions of North India, the Jadau style. Through the years, its popularity has grown in the south too. Our artisans have perfected the craft and added their unique touches, enough to make it our own. Combined with pure gold or “kundan” and beautiful Meenakari work, Jadau jewellery has delighted many through the centuries. We welcome you to visit any of our showrooms to get an experience of the entire range.