We're here with you every step of the way

Opening a franchisee with Kapish jewels is fairly easy for the entrepreneurs. To start with, identify the objectives of the association. They can be increased market share, profit and engagement with the customers.

The next step is to fill the form on the website and press the submit button. Kapish group team sends a link of the confidential questionnaire that is to be answered. You should send the document to the company management for further discussion. Our executives would contact you and find how your business can be aligned with the franchise model of the Kapish jewels. We would also verify your financial health to sustain the business. The company will completely operate the franchise and formulate customized marketing strategies to make the brand name popular in your area.

This Way to Opening a Kapish Jewels

Prior to Qualification

Users should fill the application to qualify the terms and conditions for becoming a successful business owner.

Disclosure Document

The document is called the Franchise disclosure documents consisting of average sales, rental and staff expenditure. We provide complete clarity in evaluating the profit based on the total expenditure of the store.

Personal attention

Franchise owner is assured of one to one meeting with the manager on issues related to investment and business operations. In short, we play an instrumental role in making the franchisee model highly successful.

Feedback information

You can also collect feedback from other franchise owners as their experience is highly crucial.

Team consultation:

Franchise owner can also visit Bareilly to consult the Kapish group team for business advice.


If you meet the criteria as mentioned by the company, the franchise is immediately granted.