International Locations

International Locations

Choosing Your Location

Getting started with the Kapish Jewels franchise is very simple and hassle-free. Our flexibility is something that allows you to stay connected with us from all across the globe. So if you really want to be a part of our family, we are there to help you crossing all the boundaries, cultures, languages and traditions. We would love to expand our group to other countries and manage the business for the international investors

Finding the right location

When starting any new franchise, the location is one of the crucial factors. Your store needs to be at a place where it can seek the attention of the people, has parking space, easy to reach etc. We will locate the place where the store can be opened. In fact our research team would employ valuable data in order to analyze the sales in relevant areas. It is an important step to take correct decision.

We have an entirely separate international support staff to help investors. They will not only make you familiar with the standards to be followed but choosing the best design for your store, layout and other aspects associated with it. We understand that getting into something new may be difficult and this is the reason Kapish jewels constantly helps you. Thus you are able to set up the store in no time and see how we run your franchise in a seamless manner.

Space Requirements

Apart from the location, even space matters a lot. But do not worry as your franchise can be started in a small space as well. We locate the traditional stores found in malls, complexes or other places and the non-traditional options like the ones seen on airports etc. The space requirement is different for both of them. For traditional store the space required is about 500-2500 square feet and for non-traditional it is 200-300 square feet.

Thus based on the location, the franchise can be easily setup. Once we do the interiors, the business store is ready to win accolades from the customers.