What is the minimum investment amount to get started with Kapish Jewels franchise?

The Kapish Jewels franchise begins with the minimum cost of INR 5 Crores, however actual Investment varies as per city, location where you wish to open the store, its area and other factors.

Are there any financial requirements to be fulfilled?

There are not many financial requirements to be fulfilled apart from the business model which you opt for. The least cost of the business model is INR 5 crores (final cost however depends on your city, location and other factors) and so you need to put in that much amount to get started.

Why should I choose Kapish jewels?

Kapish jewels is well-known for its personalised jewellery which seeks the attention of the people. Since many years we have been the household name in the jewellery industry and people trust us without any doubt. We make sure our customers are happy. We have a wide range of designs and a huge collection to match the taste of different customers. Our team working at the franchise store provides impeccable products according to the requirements and specifications of the users.

Is there any experience needed to start a franchise?

No there is no experience required but you need to have a positive attitude towards work and convincing power to keep the customers engaged.

For more details you can visit our official website and our team will get in touch with you regarding the further information.

Before you start any franchise, you will be provided with complete training at our corporate office which is Bareilly or at your own location. You have to invest in the business and we will take care of the entire range of operations. It includes training to hone the skill sets of the executives in order to accomplish the tasks. Right from the establishment of franchise setup to the deployment of resources is carried out by the experienced executives of Kapish group. Our team ensures seamless supply chain systems and also takes care of the retail marketing of jewellery products. We will help you in taking your franchise to the next level, getting the trust of the people and building the credibility.

Is the location to be selected by me?

No, the location will be selected by the Kapish group depending on its marketability and viability as a franchise. We have a huge data repository to determine the exact location in the city. If you have your own property then our research team will analyze it and share the business viability/ feasibility report with you.

What are the chances of profit with Kapish Jewels franchise?

Kapish jewellery brands are well known and with able guidance of our marketing whiz kids, booking profit is just a matter of time. You can talk to our existing franchise owners to understand how things work or know about their experiences. They will be able to clear your doubts and at the same time let you know more about the group. Thus you will have a better understanding of the business that we have been successfully running for over 2 decades.

How much time it takes to start your store?

The first thing is to find the location and once all legal formalities are done it will take around 3-4 months to complete all the formalities and get started.

What kind of training and support you provide?

Right from the very first day you connect with us. We are omnipresent in the business. From finding the location to verifying it, appointment and training of the staff will be managed by us. Our assistance is 24 x 7 to ensure that franchise delivers exemplary performance right from the first day.