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About Us

About Kapish Jewels

Kapish Jewels is one of the most prominent arms of Kapish Group and has a chain of franchises across the country. The company is forging a network of stores with investors to build a solid reputation among the customers. Since 1994, we have been working tirelessly to bring the best and high quality products to the clients. Our team works with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to boost their investments by creating the stores from the ground up and managing them in an extremely professional manner.

Kapish Group is a distinguished name in the field of jewellery creation and designing. It has been making giant strides by providing top of the line products to the users. Over the years, our executives and designers transformed the company into an epitome of reliability. Thanks to them, we have developed an innovative business ecosystem capable of delivering wholesale and retail jewellery to the end users. We not only create product with modern themes but also are well versed in making exquisite jewellery representing traditional school of thoughts.

Our team is extremely talented, skilled and experienced in delivering items that are pure ensembles of excellence. It is complimented by the increased use of new and cutting edge technologies that are geared towards providing customized options to the users. Our primary focus is to carve out of the box designs for the customers to exceed their expectations.

Kapish Jewels keeps track of the latest trends in jewellery designing. We believe in the philosophy of continuous learning and implement the same in business process both in letter and spirit.

Therefore, if you are looking to buy an eye catching and dazzling necklace or ring, contact us and rest assured you will be offered the best customer care service.